Attracting and retaining talent has become a hot topic of late because of a thriving job market. Human resources professionals want to have a well-planned orientation for a new team member to ensure success for everyone involved.

As seen in the previous well-being blog "Improve Employee Retention", it costs 30-50 percent of an employee's salary to hire their replacement - and could be up to 400 percent depending on the position.

This means when bringing on a new team member, return on investment is critical. The process begins before day one and is ongoing. A thorough and thoughtful on boarding process can help improve employee retention, and help new hires feel more comfortable and connected in their new position.

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Transitioning, at any point in your career, can cause stress and anxiety. During the onboarding process it is crucial to review resources the employee can use to get help. A robust Employee Assistance Program can help solve employees issues that are affecting performance. What does a robust EAP program look like? 


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