In less than a year, coronavirus (COVID-19)
has changed our world forever.

It’s claimed the lives of more than 100,000 U.S. citizens, taken a major toll on the economy and altered countless other aspects of our daily routines.

But, for all of the havoc the virus has caused, some of the changes it has forced can be viewed in a positive lens. Let's take a look at 5 positives.

5 COVID-19 Forced Positive Changes

1.) The Earth is getting a break
After months of less road, waterway and air traffic, levels of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are going down considerably. Locals around the planet are seeing clearer waters, and wild animals are roaming more freely in their habitats than they have in many years.

Both NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have launched research projects aimed at investigating the impact of reduced vehicle traffic, air travel, shipping, manufacturing and other activities on Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. Scientists say that if we can apply some of the environmental lessons we’re learning now, even after the world finds a sense of normalcy again, we might hope to avoid some of the most destructive impacts of climate change.

2.) A new sense of connection and collaboration
The forced separation brought on by coronavirus has made us more creative in the ways we work, live and play together. From surprise birthday parties on Zoom to virtual kindergarten classes and high school graduations, we’re not only finding new ways to adapt to the current situation, we’re letting something that could easily keep us apart, bring us together.

The virus has also connected the scientific community under a common goal, and doctors and researchers across the globe are working together, at breakneck speed, to find a cure.

3.) New and renewed hobbies
Coronavirus slowed a fast-moving society to a near halt. Fewer commutes. No travel. No entertainment. What were we to do? Rather than slumping into a corner, we got moving. We found new fitness routines. We read books. We baked a lot of bread. All of which are great ways to get a handle on mental health during an especially trying time, according to the Mayo Clinic. During this especially tumultuous period, a lot of folks headed outside, and something as simple as spending more time outdoors can do wonders for improving your mental state.

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4.) Making spaces beautiful again
As I have explored every corner of my surrounding neighborhoods during the pandemic, I have never seen people’s porches, flowers and homes look so beautiful. I also notice that many homeowners took to home renovations like; staining or replacing decks and fences, painting homes, replacing screen doors etc. And I have followed suit—I figured, if I have to be stuck in my own space for months on end, then I want my shelter in place to be as shiny and polished as possible.

5.) Renewed need for work-life balance
I asked one of our counselors what they learned during the pandemic and this is what he said, “During the Shelter-at-home order, I’ve learned how important it is to strike a healthy work-life balance. Intellectually I understood the importance, and I have even helped many others try and improve their own sense of work-life balance—but it wasn’t until the shutdown that I realized I needed to practice what I preached. I learned it takes a deliberate approach and that it is important to strive for a healthy balance even when you do not feel the need. It’s not enough to only attend to it when things are bad; best to keep at it all the time.” I would have to agree, the shelter in place has awoken me to many areas in my own life that need balance and discipline. Working for a well-being company, we are always touting total wellness tips—but it is far too easy to lose sight of your own needs when trying to help others 24/7. Lessons learned.

Now more than ever your employees need emotional support and resources. The global quarantine has created a whole new set of stressors that have woven their way into the home, work, trying to find work and, of course, staying healthy. We can help!

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The Ulliance Employee Assistance Program can address the
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• Child or elder care concerns
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• Mental health problems
• Alcohol/substance abuse
• Grief
• Interpersonal conflicts