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Kick Start Your New Year at Work & Home

Posted by Rene' Carpenter on Dec 19, 2019 8:34:58 AM

As the end of 2019 nears and we wrap our minds around typing “2020,” it’s reasonable for our thoughts to shift toward making plans and goals for the new year.

The motivational effect that ringing in the new year can have on us is powerful, and you should make the most of it by creating a plan for the long term, not just through January.

Here are five ways to help ensure any New Year’s goals or resolutions you set will take hold:


According to U.S. News & World Report, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail, most by mid-February. Resolutions often falter because the focus is put on the end result and not on the steps and small accomplishments needed to get there. By setting small, attainable goals that, when put together, ultimately lead to bigger, long-lasting life changes, you can prevent those feelings of being overwhelmed—because you’ll actually be making noticeable progress.



By putting pen to  paper to track physical activities, mindfulness, habits and food + beverage intake, you can quickly see patterns emerge and determine where you need to focus your energy to make changes. Journal your way to total well-being!

3. get oRGANIZED, AT

Organization—whether it’s your desk, your inbox, or your pantry—has many positive benefits, ranging from having more energy and sleeping better to healthier eating habits. Set yourself up for success in 2020 by getting organized. Start small here, too. Instead of thinking you have to organize the entire house, begin by tackling the closet that spills out its contents each time you open it, or the pile of junk mail that’s been shifted from table to counter to desk and back again. Sift through your work inbox and sort the papers jammed in your bottom drawer. Once you start seeing progress, you’ll be motivated to keep going.


Good physical and mental well-being is key when it comes to a happy, productive life, at work and at home. Make your well-being a priority by following routines and creating rituals that serve you. Take walks during the day, get to bed earlier, attend more fitness classes, or reach for a salad more often—whatever it is that helps you recharge. It can take about two months for new behaviors, like not staying up late looking at your phone, to stick, so be consistent and remember you’re making those changes for yourself.


We all want to be effective at and outside of work, but sometimes we can swing too far in one direction. In the year ahead, find balance by setting reasonable boundaries, delegating, and doing more of what fulfills you and less of what drains you. 

Help your employees reach their goals in the New Year. Ulliance’s comprehensive Life Advisor Wellness and EAP programs are designed to enhance your employees’ lives and improve your business’ bottom line. How can we help you? Visit www.ulliance.com, or call 866-648-8326.



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