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Defining & Understanding What a GOOD Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Really Looks Like

May 23, 2018 10:59:53 AM / by Ulliance posted in employee assistance program, stress, opioids, addiction, healthy cooking, SAFETY, workplace, training, EAP, wellness programs, emotional problems, substance or alcohol abuse, help finding elder care services, harassment awareness training


What is an EAP and how can it help my organization and my employees? 

An employer-sponsored employee assistance program (EAP) is an intervention program designed to identify and assist employees in resolving personal and work problems that may be adversely affecting their life, such as marital, financial or emotional problems; family issues; or substance or alcohol abuse. EAPs may also offer a wide array of services covering basic legal assistance and referrals, adoption assistance, help finding elder care services, wellness programs and more. 

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Safety and security in the workplace with human resource service provider Ulliance

May 9, 2018 1:15:39 PM / by Ulliance posted in sexual harassment training, SAFETY, workplace


Kent Sharkey shared his perspective on the impact sexual harassment revelations have on
co-workers, colleagues and employers as all grapple with making sense of these troubling situations.

The following topics were highlighted:

  • How can an employer support employees who are faced with the revelation that a trusted and esteemed colleague is involved in a sexual harassment / misconduct allegation?

  • How organizations can be prepared to handle these types of allegations / reports, including what employers, HR people or co-workers should do if they are confronted with information related to sexual harassment.

  • What can employers do to create a sense of safety and security for all employees when it comes to sexual harassment?
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