Increase Company Culture

Try these 3 tips to inspire a positive company culture.

A positive company culture can’t be created overnight, nor can it be created with a single, year-long initiative.

Developing a positive company culture is an intentional practice that requires buy-in from all employees and consistent fostering by company leadership. But there really is no one-and-done solution to creating a positive environment. That might be why 64% of all employees do not feel they have a strong work culture, according to a study from TruPath.

Not only do positive-culture companies experience higher output and employee engagement, they also benefit from lower healthcare expenditures than their high-pressure counterparts, according to a study from BMC Public Health.

The reasons to create a positive work environment are plenty—from lower turnover to higher productivity—but how do you get there?

Try these tips to inspire a positive company culture:


  • Focus on People - Concentrate not just on hiring the right people but on keeping them with you. Employee loyalty is good for your company’s bottom line and for continuation of your organizational mission, vision and culture. Make sure managers have excellent people skills in order to effectively engage and motivate their teams. Hiring wisely for management positions and providing leadership training will have positive impacts across the organization. Good people will help to strengthen the good culture you’re trying to create.


  • Communicate - Your business can’t just have a policy or an idea in mind when it comes to positive culture; it has to be clear and intentional when it comes to communicating that cultural ideal to its people. Senior leadership should communicate new developments on mission, vision and culture clearly and frequently to employees to ensure buy-in. When employees have a clear picture of where the organization is headed, it’s much easier for them to get excited about that direction, too.


  • Emphasize the Value of Engagement  - Employees who are engaged in their organization     — through culture and implementation of Employee Assistance or Wellness Programs—are     more likely to link their own well-being with professional success, according to a report from     the Economist Intelligence. And increased employee engagement has its own benefits, such     as improved performance and better employee retention.  


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