Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, but it's so easy to get your diet off track. Here are a few tips.

Start Turkey Day with a workout! Create a calorie deficit by exercising to burn off extra calories before you ever indulge in your favorite foods.

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Tip 2
Enjoy a protein- and fiber-packed breakfast, which will help boost metabolism and prevent sugar cravings.

Make a plan before that big meal. Don't just mindlessly grab heaps of every dish available. Really think about which foods you can do without, and which you ones you really want.

Then practice portion control. Start off with half the amount you really want to pile on, and get seconds of your favorite dish only.

Tip 5
Focus on Family and Friends. Thanksgiving is not just about the delicious bounty of food. The main event should be family and friends socializing, spending quality time together, not just what is on the buffet.

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Be well!

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