“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and celebrates a vision for tomorrow” – Melody Beattie

As we get busier during the holiday season and our lives become more hectic, it sometimes becomes difficult to recognize the things in our life we’re grateful for – we may even take some of those things for granted. 

This is our gratitude wall at
Ulliance in our lunchroom!IMG_2242

It can be especially hard to express gratitude when we’re in a chaotic place in life, or when things aren’t going great for us. However, it’s during these chaotic and difficult times that it’s most important to practice gratitude. And “practice” is the operative word – make gratitude tangible! The holidays are a perfect time to stop and reflect as we make our way into another "New Year". Here are some fun and helpful ways to make gratitude real:

1. Make a list

Don’t think too hard about it. Start with #1 and the first thing that comes to mind (“I’m grateful for the nice weather today”), and go on from there. Free-associate, think deeply, and remember that there is no thing in life too small to express gratitude for (even if it’s gratitude for a favorite coffee mug or a favorite app). Try and make it all the way to #50!

2. Create a board On Social Media

Not a list person? That’s okay! Dedicate a board on social media to the things in life that you love – favorite TV shows, favorite quotes, favorite settings, favorite foods, any- and everything that makes you grateful.


Social media boards a little too high tech for you? No worries, create a wall in your home
(TIP:  Use the refrigerator) or dedicate a wall/bulletin board at work and get everyone involved. After you have quite a few gratitude devotions on your wall take a pic and post it to your favorite social network and spread the word.

4.Do something nice for someone else

One of the best ways to express gratitude is by doing something nice for someone in your life that you’re grateful for or, even better, doing something nice for someone you don’t even know – just because. Keep in mind – June 1st is National Say Something Nice Day!

5.Do something unexpected

Just not feeling grateful? Feeling anxious, stressed, overburdened? Then do something out of the ordinary and unexpected – go to a movie or out to eat by yourself, join a club, or make time to visit a favorite professor. Getting out of your head is a great way to mitigate stress.

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