Imagine not waking up to an alarm clock. Then picture yourself enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea before heading off to a late morning yoga class, followed by lunch with a friend, topped off with an afternoon meditation class and a long brisk walk. You retire for the evening with a sensible, healthy dinner and a good book or movie.

Does this sound like a typical day for you? Probably not. It’s easy to come up with a list of ways to de-stress: yoga, taking classes, exercise, quality time with friends and family, pursuing a favorite hobby. But how realistic is it to get all of that done in one day? Or even in one week?

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Our lives are busy and our time is limited. Rather than try do five or six “big” wellness activities in a day, consider the small things you can do for yourself throughout the day to help relieve stress. In the morning, consider “unplugging” for a bit: give yourself at least 15-20 minutes without a phone, tablet, or other electronic device. At work, make it a point to stand up from your desk and take a short walk – even if it’s just around the office. Try to do this at least once an hour. Try some natural breathing – this can be done right at your desk or workstation, and only takes a few seconds!

Step 1: Sit or stand, being mindful of both your comfort and good posture.

Step 2: Breathe through your nose, concentrating as you inhale, imagining your lungs filling with air.

Step 3:  Hold your breath for a few seconds – however long is comfortable for you.

Step 4:  Exhale slowly, relaxing your muscles as you do so.

Step 5:  Repeat as needed.

When you partner with Ulliance our Life Advisor Consultants are always just a phone call away to teach easy, practical ways to de-stress and recharge throughout day.  As well as, conveying to our client partners how the Ulliance Life Advisor Employee Assistance Program can help employees and employers find peace in a stressful world.


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