While every season may present unique employee challenges inside the workplace, sometimes it’s what’s happening outside that has the biggest impact. That could be especially true this summer and fall, given the current circumstances. Seasonal effects on staff morale could likely be magnified—if they’re not addressed.

Here are some ideas for overcoming potential impacts on employee motivation for the upcoming seasons:

Summer. After a tumultuous few months as a result of COVID-19, everyone will be itching to get away or spend time outdoors. Even when the weather warms up, if closures or stay-at-home orders caused by the public health emergency persist, kids might continue to be stuck in the house. Employees with children may be stretched thinner and have less patience, which could carry over to low morale in the workplace. 

If you can’t keep employees motivated during the summer months with traditional means, like company picnics, consider offering other seasonal perks such as flex schedules or early dismissals. If summer is peak season at your company and cutting the work week short isn’t possible, what about launching a wellness program that encourages folks to get outside and take advantage of the fresh produce that’s available? 

Watch a summertime cooking video!

Fall. It can be a challenge to get back into the swing of things if summer was slow and easy. And, with kids back in class, families are often pulled in many different directions because of sports schedules and other after-school activities. 

Setting a new work goal or beginning a company project in September can help spur creativity and motivate the team, getting everyone in a “fresh start” mindset. 

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Autumn is also a great time to focus on the bigger themes of team building and employee recognition. To help motivate staff, highlight teams or individuals within your organization for the great work they’ve done. 

Year-Round. Employee motivation starts with a positive work culture, no matter what time of year it is. Foster positive, open communication and an environment where people are recognized for their hard work and achievements. Awards, employee discounts or hand-written thank-you notes don’t require a heavy lift or big investment, but they can go a long way in keeping employees motivated.


Now more than ever, your employees need emotional support and resources to boost their morale. The global quarantine has created a whole new set of physical, financial and emotional stressors that have woven their way into the home and workplace. 

When you partner with Ulliance, our Life Advisor Consultants are always just a phone call away to teach ways to enhance your work-life balance and increase your happiness. The Ulliance Life Advisor Employee Assistance Program can help employees and employers come closer to a state of total well-being.

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The Ulliance Employee Assistance Program can address the
following issues:

• Stress about work or job performance
• Conflict resolution at work or in one’s personal life
• Marital or relationship problems
• Child or elder care concerns
• Financial worries
• Mental health problems
• Alcohol/substance abuse
• Grief
• Interpersonal conflicts