A Ulliance management consultation provides managers with effective strategies to guide workers through difficult times


Dealing with the death of a co-worker is very difficult for everyone on staff. That’s because colleagues spend many hours each day together, work toward common goals and frequently become friends. The loss of a co-worker can often leave lasting effects on the workplace.

A Manager's Role

Managers are critical in the process of helping employees cope in the event of a staff death. If they fail to proactively communicate about the death or respond slowly to the news, a return to productivity for the workforce can be delayed. A timely and appropriate response from managers can help speed employee recovery and production output. Managers, because of their role in leading employees, are put in an especially delicate situation following the death of a co-worker. They are faced with making difficult decisions and engaging employees in sensitive discussions.

There are many things to consider after an employee death including:


  • Helping colleagues cope with their feelings of grief,

  • Transitioning the deceased employee’s workload to their colleagues

  • Considering time off for employees to attend funeral services

Because every workplace and its culture are different, there are no hard and fast rules for such situations. 

Fortunately, Ulliance can provide on-site management consultations following the death of an employee.


Combining years of clinical experience and the formation of a meaningful partnership with an organization’s human resources department, Ulliance experts can tailor recommendations for a variety of circumstances. Whether managers need help determining what to say (and not to say) to co-workers, how best to honor the person who has passed away, or how to handle delicate questions like when it’s appropriate to clean out a workstation or hire a replacement, Ulliance experts are available to help.

And while there is sensitivity attached to many of these questions, it’s nevertheless essential to keep business moving. Management consultations can help ensure the situation is handled in a caring, thoughtful way.

Hundreds of organizations support their employees by partnering with Ulliance crisis
management consultants. When employees experience personal loss, accidents, or violence, Ulliance can provide 24/7 support. How can we help you? Visit www.ulliance.com or call 866-648-8326.

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