February is recognized as Heart Health month and at Ulliance, we recognize the importance of having a healthy mindset to support a healthy heart. Stress and anxiety are known to take years off a person’s life and diminish the quality of what’s left. Sometimes the sources of stress can be hiding just below the surface and out of sight.

We've got 7 tips and tricks
to minimize the stress!

1) Internal Critic: If that little voice in your head has a lot of “shoulds” and “oughts” in its judgements, it might be time to rethink these decisions. Harsh self-expectations can lead to self defeating, self fulfilling prophecies.

2) Clutter and Disorganization: Research has demonstrated that clutter can have a negative impact on someone’s mental wellness. Procrastination is also closely tied to clutter and can be equally debilitating. Find a organizational mentor; someone who practices those behaviors you admire and learn from them. Research also shows that having plants around can lower blood pressure, so as you de-clutter, replace piles of clutter with plants.

3) Toxic Relationships: It’s important to have a support group and to feel as though you belong to a group, but sometimes even our support system can be a source of stress. It’s OK to dial back, or take a time out from relationships that are part of the problem.JOMO

4) Too Much Screen Time: Being constantly connected to work, family, news, social media … can lead to FOMO, the fear of missing out, that keeps millions glued to their phones and prevents them from being in the moment and fully relaxing. We also know that the blue light emitted from those screens can interrupt our natural sleep cycle. Try establishing predetermined check-in times to stay responsible and at the same time, protect of your mental health. Get your JOMO on!



5) Other People’s Stress: Stressed-out people, despite their intentions, can have a very negative impact on other’s stress levels. It can impact other family members, friends, teams, groups; like a bad cold, it has a way of spreading through contamination. Being exposed to other’s stress is like an invitation to become involved in someone else’s business. Don’t borrow trouble.

6) Changes in the Family: Death and divorce are obvious sources of
stress but even what most would consider to be “positive” experiences like births and marriages, can cause stress. Try to recognize not everyone interprets events the way you do.

7) Traffic: People exposed to traffic jams are at greater risk of bringing
the frustration and aggression experienced in the traffic jam throughout their day, impacting mood hours after the event. Taking the long way home might just be a healthier option in the long run


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