An Account Managers Role 

In the role of an Account Manager at Ulliance, many are working with companies who are facing the current opiate crisis. This epidemic is not only having a dollars and cents impact on the workforce – for many companies, the heroin epidemic is having an adverse impact on the community as a whole. In many cases, companies are having a difficult time filling job vacancies due to the complex and/or specialized nature of the work.

As a result, more companies are changing their Alcohol & Drug Policies to encourage employees with a substance abuse problem to come forward and ask for help. Ulliance has worked with company HR departments and Safety Directors to revise Alcohol & Drug Policies based on our expertise and SHRM best-practice guidelines (standard EAP programs don’t offer this and companies would have to partner with a third party and pay to have this done).

One of our Ulliance Account Managers works with two companies where such policies are in place – if an employee self-discloses a problem with alcohol or other drugs, the company will help the employee find appropriate treatment. Referral to the EAP is a part of this process. But the partnership with Ulliance goes beyond EAP counseling. Ulliance provides unlimited management and HR consultations regarding substance use issues in the workplace, and any another HR issue or problem. 

A Dedicated Account Manager Makes a Huge Difference with an EAP

Our dedicated Ulliance Account Managers are assigned specific client companies (standard EAPs have call centers) – often Account Managers are assigned to companies based on the AM’s previous background. 

  • Ulliance manages 95% of coaching and counseling within the EAP, meaning those cases managed within generate no health insurance claims or out of pocket costs for employees.

  • Every Account Manager works tirelessly to form a personal relationship with the companies we serve.

Ulliance also partners with companies to provide Randomized Drug Testing as a separate service line apart from the EAP. The RDT program through Ulliance includes*:

  • A Ulliance case manager available to your employee (via a toll free number) to guide them  through the process

  • A web based system that randomizes test dates

  • A toll free number and support to employees enrolling in the testing system

  • Collection of the 16 urine samples

  • Testing of each sample

  • Review of any positive results by a Medical Review Officer (MRO)

  • Compliance updates for each test

  • Consultation from your EAP Account Manager regarding compliance questions and the overall testing program

*Certain exclusions and differences may apply based on company location and availability of drug testing facilities in the area.