We posted this blog last July when the economy was great and jobs where plentiful.  And then again in May after the virus took hold. Now more than ever downsizing COULD be a must. We are here to help!

The Ulliance Difference— Ulliance offers emotional support, career coaching and other tools your employees need to effectively transition into the next phase of their career.

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You, as a manager, must be prepared if your company is planning to layoff several employees at once. That means knowing how timing and details affect the situation of downsizing, even if it is an ongoing process. 

Workforce attrition is one of the easiest—and least uncomfortable—ways to downsize your organization. The slow but steady method can be realized by not filling vacant positions and/or putting in place a hiring freeze. Because the responsibilities of departing employees may need to be shifted to remaining staff, this method requires a strong alignment between organizational goals and talent management.

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If you find layoffs are a must, it’s important to focus on ultimately what is best for the organization. You will want to communicate that your company is reorganizing to position itself for future growth—and to protect the health of the business at hand. A company that implements a rightsizing strategy will continually evaluate itself and its employees, and be ready to make changes, to optimize performance. 

No matter the circumstances, letting people go requires an empathetic and humane approach. 

You can do this by providing Career Transition Services so that employees who are transitioned are provided necessary tools to help them be successful going forward. This strategy not only helps employees who are leaving the company, but it helps keep the company’s reputation from suffering. Word of mouth, social media and company review sites are known to spread bad news just as fast as good. And negative comments, even if they aren’t accurate, can prevent people from working for or doing business with your company in the future. 

Ulliance helps companies plan for a layoff announcement to employees to ensure managers are prepared. The objective is for managers to appropriately interact with those losing their jobs and those who remain with the company. As a result, employees directly affected by the layoffs can participate in career transition programs that focus on providing the skills and  resources needed in order to adjust to this significant change.  

Now more than ever your employees need emotional support and resources. The global quarantine has created a whole new set of stressors that have woven their way into the home, work, trying to find work and, of course, staying healthy. We can help!

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