The phrase “total well-being” likely has you thinking of eating healthier, exercising more and getting regular checkups.

That all may be true, but don’t dismiss the role mental health plays in overall well-being.

Many employers today are taking steps to merge employee assistance programs (EAPs)—which give employees the opportunity to meet and talk with counselors, identify approaches and solutions and receive resources for additional help—with wellness programs and initiatives. 

That holistic approach offers many benefits to employers and employees alike. 

With the mental health components of EAPs incorporated into a physical health-focused wellness program, employees can reduce risk factors associated with chronic disease and their overall health care costs. 

That two-pronged wellness approach also helps to reduce the issues that lead to absenteeism, which can put a huge dent in your bottom line. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, lost productivity due to absenteeism in the United States costs employers $225.8 billion annually.


  • Stress is the basic cause of 60% of illness in America.
    (Source: American Medical Association-2017)
  • Between 75 and 90% of office visits to primary care physicians are related to stress. (Source:  Web MD- 2019)

juice-bar-employees-preparing-fresh-fruit-juices-PUKKLSXEmployees who are physically and mentally healthy tend also to be more engaged in their work. A report from the Economist Intelligence Unit found that organizations that offer wellness programs have employees who are more likely to link their own wellness with professional success. And increased employee engagement has its own benefits, such as improved job performance and increased employee retention.

Offering programs that address employee well-being, both in and out of the office, helps staff to feel more supported and less stressed. 

For example, The Ulliance Life Advisor Total Well-being portal offers employees the ability to invite their family members to join a fitness or well-being challenge—so the challenge continues to rally at home!

When done well, integrating an EAP with a wellness program provides employees with a one-stop well-being resource shop, which improves their experience and addresses any concerns effectively and quickly.

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Our trademarked Resolution EAP Model® is a proprietary short-term counseling model that offers a flexible number of visits - unlike the fixed number of visits offered by traditional EAP’s. We have developed this program specifically to meet the mental health needs of todays complex workforce. BUT when paired with our total well-being services—employees start to see real life changes.

Organizations that realize that the financial health of a business is directly tied to the health of their employees turn to Ulliance Life Advisor Wellness® Programs to help staff members improve their health.

For every $1 you invest in a wellness program, you can save $3 to $5 in health care costs. How can we help you? Visit, or call 866-648-8326.