One thing is for sure; the holidays are going to be a little different this year. It is important to review the CDC recommendations for gatherings, but staying safe doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! Trick-or-treating or not, this pandemic holiday gives us the opportunity to spend more time with family or put together a spooky surprise for friends and family.

Talk about the changes
It is understandable that kids will be confused as to why they can’t trick or treat like they have in the past - due to Covid-19 or the CDC advises against traditional trick-or-treating. Having a conversation will help to ease their worry and let them know they still will be able to celebrate Halloween to the fullest. Include them in planning Halloween activities. This will get them excited about what they are doing versus disappointed about what they aren’t. If you are trick or treating, review social distancing guidelines and practice trick-or-treating at home with younger children. Most importantly, focus on the positive. Talk about what you will be doing in place of trick-or-treating and the fun activities you have planned for them.

Consider These 12 Creative Ideas

Spread the Halloween Cheer 👻

There have been a lot of ups and downs these past few months, and one way to combat that is to put a smile on someone else’s face.

🎃 Go big with yard decorations, even if you aren’t having
trick-or-treaters. Decorations don’t have to cost a fortune.

🎃 Make spider webs with black trash bags and add extra
spookiness with red lights.

🎃 Buy full sized candy bars

🎃 “Boo” someone! Leave a bag of treats or a pumpkin on a friend’s doorstep after dark, ring the bell and run.

🎃 To remain properly distanced construct a super scary candy slide that drops treats directly into trick or treater’s bags. Or leave treats in individual bags at the end of the driveway.

🎃 Pick pumpkins right from the patch. Take a drive to your local farm and hand pick the perfect pumpkin. Carve or paint them with friends outside for a fun new tradition. Give out awards for the best carving!


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Halloween at Home
🎃 If you choose not to trick-or-treat this year, have some ghoulish fun at home. Spend extra time getting your costume ready. The oh so familiar Halloween night rush; getting home from work, slapping on some face paint and running out the door is what many parents experience on Halloween night. Spend extra time putting on face paint to make sure the costume is just right. Maybe even be brave and let your kids dress you.

🎃 Don’t forget the candy, pick out your kid’s favorites (and yours too). Plan a scavenger hunt with the prize being a big bowl of their favorite treats. Buying your own candy means you don’t have to pick through and throw out all the gross or unsafe candy!

🎃 Produce a Halloween play. Have your kids write a script and design the set. Broadcast the production through video chat for family and friends to see.

🎃 Host a virtual costume party. Invite family and friends to show off costumes and play games.

🎃 Have a socially distant movie night. Throw up a white sheet and dust off that projector. Invite families over to watch a scary movie or two.

🎃 Have your own party at home. Spend time together creating a haunting Halloween playlist or prepare a creepy crawly dinner feast.

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