DAY ONE™, is a personalized, solution-focused nicotine cessation program that addresses nicotine dependence to empower people to make lifestyle changes toward a nicotine free life. The program consists of three central components:

  • A Preparing to Stop Guide featuring self-reflection questions for journaling;

  • A Starter Pack with cessation tools and Allen Carr’s book “Easy Way to Stop Smoking” that aligns with the Ulliance DAY ONE™ philosophy; and,

  • A series of coaching sessions based on journaling responses and book review.


DAY ONE™ is designed for cigarette, smokeless tobacco (dip, chew, snuff) and E-cigarette users. 

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The program is offered through a solution-focused Ulliance Life Advisor Wellness® program, created to help employees enhance their personal and professional lives, which in turn optimizes business operations. Ulliance is introducing DAY ONE™ in response to many of its client companies transitioning to nicotine-free worksites.

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