Have you thought about setting a
life-changing resolution this year?

Don't Worry—Be Happy! 😊

Happiness is a big goal, but it’s one that offers countless emotional and health benefits. Those range from improved heart health to a stronger immune system.

The first step is to choose happiness. That may sound obvious or even cliché, but happy people choose to be happy—and follow through with their thoughts and their actions.

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Taking action includes:

1. Get a full night’s sleep

Quality sleep is important to overall physical and emotional well-being and happiness. Good sleep helps to regulate our moods while we are awake. A lack of sleep can lead to cognitive impairment and general foul moods.  


While a positive in and of itself, regular exercise also helps with happiness. According to the Mayo Clinic, physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier, more relaxed and less anxious. And you’ll earn bonus points for exercising outside!

3.Practice gratitude

Being grateful, like being happy, is all about making the choice to be so and reining in our negative thoughts and actions. Our minds are hardwired to pick out mistakes, so you have to actively choose to find the positive in every situation. If you’re out to dinner with your partner and the waiter brings the wrong dish, don’t dwell on the mistake and let it ruin your evening. Instead, think about the time you’re spending together or the inside joke the two of you share. 

4.Surround yourself with positive people

Plain and simple, positivity is contagious. Unfortunately, negativity is contagious, too, making it all the more important to surround yourself with people who try to find the good in every situation. According to an article from Psychology Today, just being around positive people can be energizing, motivating and inspiring—and is likely to help you work more effectively as partners or as a group.

5.Limit time on social media

Social media has its benefits, but research has shown that increased use of social media can actually lead to increased anxiety and even higher levels of loneliness. Instead of mindlessly scrolling, consider reaching out directly to a friend or family member you haven’t talked with in a while to make a more meaningful connection.

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Kick the New Year off right with this bright and cheery, Happiness infographic. Don't Worry—Be Happy!

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