Help employees to emotionally recover after the crisis.

Each year, tens of thousands of armed robberies take place in the United States.
While the robbery itself may be over in just a few moments, the negative effects on employee
victims can last much longer.

Employees who are directly involved with such crimes often feel angry, scared and even numb. Some victims of armed robberies can even develop Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

But, according to the National Center for Victims of Crime, the chances of developing PTSD can be decreased when victims receive appropriate crisis intervention.

Ulliance recently provided such crisis intervention after an armed bank robbery left the employees who were involved feeling afraid and angry.

Our experts quickly stepped in to provide an onsite debriefing aimed at helping employees of the bank come to terms with their experiences and process their emotions. The session also served as a reminder to workers that their employer was invested in helping them recover from the incident—and not just concerned about how quickly they could return to work.

Providing employees with calm, caring, and immediate sessions can also help prevent “secondary injuries,” which, according to the National Center for Victims of Crime, can occur when victims do not receive proper support after the incident. Secondary injuries, which might not develop until months after the event, can involve feelings of hurt or guilt, especially when there is a lack of understanding or even victim-blaming after the crime.

While no one can guarantee a robbery will never occur again, Ulliance experts can help employees who experience such trauma to effectively process their reactions and work on building resilience.

You can never eliminate the risk of a crisis, but you can protect your business and your employees by being proactive and developing a plan for the organization, should trauma or tragedy occur.


Combining years of clinical experience and the formation of a meaningful partnership with an organization’s human resources department, Ulliance experts can tailor recommendations for a variety of traumatic circumstances. Whether managers need help determining next steps after a crime, or how to appropriately communicate their commitment to helping staff recover after the incident, Ulliance specialists are available to help.

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