So some of us are going on a year of the the work from home situation. At first, some of us may have rejoiced when we were banished to our homes to work and skip the commute. While others are working amidst chaos at the kitchen table,  some are even working in a closet or in a 6x8 trailer like my friend—who teaches virtually from Florida. 

Whatever the case may be, it's time to tidy things up. Some of you may be familiar with the KonMari Method to declutter one’s spaces, while for others it is a new term. Here is the definition. According to Wikipedia, Kondo's method of organizing is known as the KonMari method, and consists of gathering together all of one's belongings, one category at a time, and  keeping only those things that "spark joy." 

But for this blog we are going channel the KonMari Method  to declutter your workspace and give you 5 solid reasons to support why it's good for your headspace.
Let's get started.

1.  A clean space equals a clear mind.

Research has shown that working in a tidy space increases your ability to focus. The less you have cluttered around decreases the chance that you will get distracted. This means that you can be more productive and spend more time doing things that bring you joy!

2.  A clean desk can lead to other healthy choices.

Studies have shown that individuals that keep a clean and organized workspace are more likely to also make other health choices. Including eating better and exercise. Bonus! A clean space will also have you physically feeling better because all those allergens and debris will be long gone after your done. 

3.  Stress reduction.

Our brains are very good a recognizing patterns, and even if there is not a pattern, we will subconsciously attempt to figure one out. By cleaning up your workstation and giving even a loose organization system to your documents (including on your desktop), your brain gets to relax. This then reduces stress for you. 

4.  Boost your mood.

Cleaning your desk triggers a mood boosting hormone, dopamine that gives you that sense of joy and achievement we all need. Not only will a clean desk keep you more productive though the week, but once you check that task off the to-do list, you'll get an instant boost of satisfaction. 

5.  Spark Creativity.

Research has suggested that individuals with messy spaces are more creative, however, extremely messy spaces can be detrimental to clear creative thinking. A clean functional space will help you have more "Aha!" moments during the day and turn creative ideas into creative reality. Who knows, maybe your best idea is hidden in that stack of papers?

Bonus tip: Grab some greenery.

That newly cleaned off space on your desk is in need of a plant! Research has shown that individuals that have plants in their work space are up to 15% more productive. Not to mention all the health benefits!

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